Water Tanks / Swimming Pools

Solution 01:Vertical scanning is a leak testing and locating system that picks up where horizontal scanning methods leave off. The vertical test method provides leak testing on vertical surfaces, corners, parapet walls, seams, etc. ensuring that difficult to inspect details are watertight in Basement / Water Tanks and Swimming Pools.

As illustrated in bellow figure,the vertical leak scanning system employs a sensitive receiver, water moistened sensor, audible alert, and ground lead. The receiver supplies the power source referenced to ground for testing the membrane integrity.

In operation, the moistened sensor, which is connected through a cable to the voltage source in the receiver, is pressed against the surface under test. This action forces water onto the membrane surface and into any breaches. A leakage current will flow from the ground connection through breach location, returning to the receiver through BREACH. The receiver will register a deflection on the signal level meter accompanied by an audible alert.