Solution 01:Do Quality Assurance of installed Waterproofing Layer on the rooftops (immediately post application) using Electronic Leak Detection methodologies as per ASTM D 7877 standard. ROOFTECH provides all types of Quality Assurance Scan methodologies and help you select the most optimum one based on site conditions. Refer our FAQ for more .

Doing Quality Assurance of applied waterproofing layer using ‘Flood Testing’ is like finding a needle from a haystack, and that too blind folded ! NEVER let the applied waterproofing layers go un-checked without reliable and accurate ‘Electronic Leak Detection‘ methodologies. It’s 21st century we are talking about. Everything in construction industry has evolved in past 50 years. We simply have to evolve with this as well !

Solution 02: If you have any overburden assembly planned on the top of waterproofing layer, you can opt for our proprietary SmartMembrane™technology. It is basically is a sensor sheet that can make any Waterproofing Layer ‘SMART’ by letting us monitor the leakages in the concealed waterproofing layer without the need to remove the overburden assemblies.

Let’s just start by accepting that ‘leaks’ tend to happen even in the best of our waterproofing systems. It can be due to the product quality or due to several other reasons related to overburden built up or roof usage. Once the waterproofing is concealed, the question is not how it happened ? But, more importantly, what are we gonna do about it…?

Even if you call your applicator to fix the problem under the leaking roof which is covered with overburden like a Green Roof (for eg.), all he can suggest is ‘inject grouting’ from bottom. This just seals an ‘exit point’ and ‘entry point’ of moisture which is breaching the waterproofing layer is still out there, concealed. It is almost impossible to rip open the overburden assembly just to investigate a leak. So, 99% project sit on it with temporary measures, which eventually creates a huge damage to the structure.

Being pro-active, and just adding ONE layer ‘SmartMembrane’ in your built assembly helps you smartly detect ‘entry points’ leaks in the waterproofing layer in FUTURE without the need to remove the overburden. This itself, is an invaluable addition which will soon be a ‘standard’ for ANY Green Roof/ Overburden specs in future !

Solution 03: Depending upon the importance of the structure, SmartMembrane can be configured to collect data of moisture performance of waterproofing assembly. This can be every Fortnight, Weekly, Daily etc. The collected Data is uploaded on a Cloud platform using the GSM connectivity or building network of the MasterNode. Facility Management team can anytime Log-in on our website and access the Scan Report in Graphical, Leak Zone Indication Drawing or Data-points way and take corrective measures. Notifications can even be scheduled on emails, phones or local BMS portals.