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SmartMembrane™ is a sensor scrim that is laid directly on the top on any electrically isolating waterproofing layer and underneath any overburden assembly coming on the top of the membrane.  Including SmartMembrane™  in the built up assembly, allows the user to troubleshoot & identify leakages in the ‘concealed‘ waterproofing layer, without the need to remove the overburden ! User has an option of selecting Passive or Active System. Passive System basically leaves SmartMembrane and junction cables at pre-defined locations allowing ROOFTECH technician to plug-in his SmartNode and identify leakages by zonal accuracy. The scanning can be done in a scheduled manner as a part of annual check up or during the instances of leakages upon request of client. Active System does not need a physical presence of a technician to monitor the health of waterproofing layer. Instead, SmartNode are installed in the landscape area at a pre-approved locations which basically collects the data constantly and upload the same on ROOFTECH’s cloud server. This allows the monitoring of waterproofing layers in Real-Time.


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In last 50 years, most of the things related to construction material changed and evolved. Waterproofing Membranes evolved as well, however most of the advancements happened in the chemical composition, form and the application method. However, LEAKAGES in any waterproofing membranes are an ongoing problem and more advanced investigative methods for detection are limited to a niche industry with their own limitations.

Most of the advanced Electronic Leak Detection methodologies work effectively on ‘Exposed’ waterproofing layer scenario. The challenge is however to troubleshoot the leaking zone, once the waterproofing layer is covered by any overburden assembly.


ROOFTECH through its intensive R&D efforts, launches a proprietary SmartMembrane, which has inbuilt sensors that can detect the concealed leaking zones in real-­‐time!

Further, we recognize the inherent benefits of advance liquid applied membranes like Polyurea etc. and that it may not be viable to go for pre-­‐formed membrane sheets every time. We have a special sensor SmartMembrane sheet which can be laid on majority of waterproofing layers to make it smart and detect breaches in real-­‐time.


SmartMembrane scan inherently advantageous in several aspects as enlisted bellow:

  • PLUG & PLAY: No Special Training required for installation. Just loose lay the membrane sheets, similar to other roofing layers and plug the connectors to Nodal Box.
  • NO WIRING MESS: Unlike other systems that accumulates plethora of network wireson the roofing assembly, SmartMembrane requires negligible on-­‐site wiring.
  • CLOUD PLATFORM MONITORING: Simple harmony between hardware and software which lets the user monitor his roofing assembly in real-­‐time from anywhere in the world.
  • ANY ROOFING ASSEMBLY: SmartMembrane can be installed on any roofing assembly with minor alterations. Be it Inverted Assemblies like Waterproofing layer directly on a Concrete deck or on built-­‐up systems


Besides being technically better, SmartMembrane aims to change the game dramatically in context of affordability and accessibility of real-­‐time sensor based leak-­‐detection system that works effectively in ‘concealed’ membrane scenario.

  • ACCURACY & COST OF THE SYSTEM: With SmartMembrane scan, user can locatel leaking zones with the accuracy of 1.5 x 1.5 meters zones (Double the accuracy of comparable install) and at COST which is less than One-­‐Third to a comparable install.



  • SmartMembrane comes in the standard size of 1.5m x 42m Rolls with the net ‘sensor’ coverage area of 63 Sq.meters.
  • Each Rolls has 28 Sensor Zones of 1.5m x 1.5m Grid Size which basically is the Zonal Accuracy of the SmartMembrane i.e. (it will be able to detect ‘concealed’ leaking zones by this accuracy)

SmartMembrane Rolls can be made in custom size for the edges or for ‘special’ zonal accuracy requirements by clients ordering bulk quantities. SENSORS:

  • Sensors used on the SmartMembrane are made using best quality 316 grade Stainless Steel which are designed to sustain most extreme weather conditions.


  • SmartMembrane: Comes in roll size of (1.5 m x 42 m) as a standard roofing material which can either have material properties (PVC/TPO) to act as a principal waterproofing membrane or optional ‘sensor’ sheet (PE) to monitor the integrity of any (majority) of ANY waterproofing layers in real-­‐time.
  • Smart Node: is a monitoring box in electrical communication with the SmartMembrane,which is configured for selectively connecting or disconnecting the power supply to the sensors of SmartMembrane as well as monitoring the resistance value and potential difference within sensors in real-­‐time to identify any leaking zone. Each Smart Node can monitor 32 zones, with the zone size varying to suit the accuracy requirement of the job-­‐site.
  • Master Node: Smart Node can either display the ‘leaking zones’ on the colour display screen on smaller sites, or may be inter-­‐connected with other Smart Nodes on larger site to jump up the data to Master Node which has GSM connectivity to upload the readings on a remote cloud platform or internal BMS portal so that membrane integrity can be monitored in real-­‐time from anywhere in the world!

Product Requirement Calculation

Refer HOW DOES SmartMembrane WORK ? in FAQ

Basically, it has three parts:

  • SmartMembrane: Typically SmartMembrane comes in Rolls size of 1.5 m x 42 m. So, it has the coverage area of 63 Square Meters (@ 677 Sq.Ft.). You would want to order the no. of rolls depending upon your Roof area you want to monitor.
  • SmartNode can monitor up-to 32 Zones. Each Standard Roll of SmartMembrane has 16 Zones. So, you would need 1 SmartNode for 2 Rolls of SmartMembrane (774 Sq.Ft.).
  • MasterNode: Each MasterNode can monitor unto 32 SmartNodes which monitors the area of approx. 25,000 Sq.Ft.

Still need confirmation of your estimate quantity, Just Email Us the AutoCAD file of you Roof Plan with the ‘Install Area’ clearly marked by a RED Poly-line. We will get back to you with material estimate typically within 24 hours.


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