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SmartNode is a Monitoring Box which is in electrical communication with the SmartMembrane. It is basically an add-on Node that enables monitoring of the SmartMembrane in an ‘automatic’ mode. On a scheduled interval (daily / fort-night / monthly), resistance and potential difference readings of waterproofing layer is calculated, data is analysed on the hardware level and leaking zone is identified with selected zonal accuracy.

Each SmartNode can monitor up to 32 Zones. So, on an average One SmartNode is required for every 800 Sq.Ft. However, they come with IP 65 enclosure which are completely waterproof. This enables user to literally shove in the SmartNode in the Garden Roof or similar overburden for minimum visibility. Besides, contemporary design of enclosure helps with aesthetics as well.

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SmartNode is the heart of ACTIVE systems which comes with real-time digital Analytics with alarm forwarding.  They have been designed in such a way which can be upgraded during the life-cycle of the project. If user has SmartMembrane installed in the built up assembly, SmartNode can be added anytime to make the Passive system – Active in future.

Both Passive & Active systems prevent any disruption to the existing overburden until the breach in membrane is identified. Upon the identification of breach, the data is sent to the MasterNode which uploads the same on ROOFTECH’s cloud server. Notification alerts are generated in multiple forms via emails, text, BMS etc. 

Kit Contents

  • IP 65 Enclosure (Weather Proof)
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Stand
  • SmartNode electronics
  • Instruction Manual for Installation & Usage


  • Output pulse voltage: 32V DC
  • Output power: <10 watts
  • Max relative humidity: 80% non-­‐condensing
  • Altitude: Up to 2000m
  • Temperature range: +4°C to +40°C
  • Mains voltage for charging: 100 to 240V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Weight:

2.1Kg (generator unit incl. batteries) 0.58Kg (detector unit incl. batteries) 17.5Kg (complete kit)

  • Dimensions:

169mm x 80mm x 235mm (generator unit) 189mm x 37mm x 138mm (detector unit) 559mm x 432mm x 266mm (transit case) 559mm x 432mm x 266mm (full kit, packed)

  • Commodity Code:

Disclaimer: Due to ongoing R&D efforts to constantly improvise, all stated information is subject to change without any notice or obligation.


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