Preventive Maintenance Scan

For places of high importance, we offer Annual Rate Contract as a part of Preventive Maintenance which is basically a contract of services for a longer period of time (3 years) and committed larger area of testing.

Every year (or as requested), we deploy our teams and run the ELD Scans on subject rooftops. All the identified breaches are repaired in a scheduled manner and re-tested to ensure leak-proof status of subject buildings. All this is happening without even a small disturbance to regular operations of the building.

This basically becomes win-win for all since clients get the most competitive pricing offered world-wide and Rooftech gets assured business on a long term basis. Places where ‘Leakage Issues’ are simply un-affordable, Invest in Preventive Maintenance Scan Check Ups of Roof Membrane and be ‘READY’ for monsoons. BETTER BE SAFE, THAN SORRY !

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