Permanent Installation (Future Monitoring)

Most of the advanced Electronic Leak Detection methodologies work effectively on ‘Exposed’ waterproofing layer scenario. The challenge is however to troubleshoot the leaking zone, once the waterproofing layer is covered by any overburden assembly.

ROOFTECH through its intensive R&D efforts, offers a proprietary SmartMembrane™technology which is basically is a sensor sheet that can make any Waterproofing Layer ‘SMART’ by letting us monitor the leakages in the concealed waterproofing layer without the need to remove the overburden assemblies. Optionally, the same membrane sheet can be manufactured in the form of Waterproofing Membrane with in-built ‘sensors’, that can detect leakages automatically !

You can simply install SmartMembrane directly on the top of the Waterproofing Layer and under any overburden assembly coming over it.Leave the connection network wires at Junction Boxes. Whenever you wish to troubleshoot OR as a part of periodic maintenance scans, you can have the ROOFTECH technician visit site and Scan the Waterproofing Layer with his mobile monitoring SmartNode.

Embrace the Future with the ability to ‘AUTOMATICALLY’ Detect Leakages in concealed waterproofing layers. Our proprietary SmartMembrane technology finally makes ‘Automatic’ Leak Detection a COMMERCIALLY VIABLE option !

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