About Us

Values And Principles

ROOFTECH – a company founded on a solid foundation of

  • experience from construction Industry,
  • identification of one of the biggest challenges in building industry i.e. Moisture Ingress
  • Serious investment in Research & Development
  • Staying current, up to date, with the sole purpose of ‘solving’ the identified challenge in the best way possible.

We strive and resolve to make ‘Leak Detection’ / ‘Quality Assurance’ affordable and accessible to all the way till the bottom ofconsumer pyramid of waterproofing industry!

In the process to achieve above resolve, we shall always adhere to following Principles:

  • Nothing is Impossible
  • Our competition is truly with best in the WORLD, not the local market
  • Believe in Globalization
  • Nothing is ‘Brand New’. Technology always evolve a step ahead from the last best known.
  • Respect & acknowledge the efforts made by others. It is always about the team.
  • Integrity is a virtue, not choice
  • Happy customer is our top most priority
  • Technology is always perishable commodity
  • If you cannot quickly adapt, you are not in the Race


Leadership drives vision, hope and direction to the company. If employees can’t communicate with their leaders in absolute way, there is no meaning to lead! We are utmost accountable to our Shareholders. Transparency in efforts are never overlooked. Results shall follow sooner than later!

Leading by example and the above theory, ROOFTECH enjoys to be under following Board of Directors

Shrikant Shah – CEO

SHRIKANT SHAH founded ROOFTECH and pioneered the use of Electronic Leak Detection methodologies to do quality assurance of applied waterproofing layers in INDIA. Before ROOFTECH, literally 99% of the construction industry in INDIA still relied on age old Flood Testing methods to do QA/ QC. ROOFTECH literally changed the game to boast having tested more than 8 million Sq.Ft. in INDIA in the span of 6 years. Today ROOFTECH proudly calls the top corporate MNCs in INDIA as its repeat clientele. Excelling in the Leak Detection Industry, Shrikant has a ‘Patent Pending’ status under PCT in more than 150 countries on one of the most advanced ‘SmartMembrane’ technology that can monitor the waterproofing membrane in Real‐time on a cloud based platform.

Shah has Masters in Civil Engineering from Purdue University , WL – USA and is a LEED Accredited Professional from U.S. Green Building Council. Shrikant has over 10 years of full­‐time working experience in Construction Industry including working in a fortune 500 company -­ Kiewit Pacific Co.

Ashok Shah – CHAIRMAN

ASHOK SHAH heads ROOFTECH in the position of Chairman and has helped Shrikant in his role as a Father as well as a serial entreprenur, guiding the start-­‐up in its each stage of existance. He heads Finance and Investments at ROOFTECH as well as oversees the broadline target achievements to ensure steady growth of the company.

Shah has a Graduate Degree in Commerce from Gujarat University and has over 35 years of full-­‐time working experience in Manufacturing & Construction Industry. He currently heads one of the largest manufacturing facilities producing PSC Poles in Gujarat state and has held several leadership roles in Trade & Industry. In Past, he has served in the capacity
of ‘PRESIDENT’ of renowned trade organisations like Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Sar Infrcon and South Gujarat Productivity Council.

Manufacturing Facility

ROOFTECH being an ISO 9001: 2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY maintains highest manufacturing standards in regards with end to end manufacturing of our SmartMembrane product line. 
We take pride in being the sole manufacturer of our proprietary ‘Automatic Leak Detection’ system in INDIA. Products are Made in INDIA adhering to the stringent Quality Standards and are exported World-wide ! 
This way, we are doing our bit to give a truly ‘Leak-Proof’ environment in our modern buildings !