World’s First SmartMembrane !

ROOFTECH offers it’s proprietary Automatic Leak Detection technology by using SmartMembrane products. Simply adding this ONE layer in your Built-up assembly, allows you to monitor your ‘concealed’ Waterproofing Layer in Real-Time !

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD)

ROOFTECH pioneered the use of Electronic Leak Detection(ELD) technology for doing Quality Assurance of Waterproofing Layers in INDIA. Today with over 8 million Sq.Ft. tested within the span of 5 years, we confidently stake claim of being an industry leader in this segment.

Electronic Leak Detection

ROOFTECH offers Quality Assurance SCAN services by testing the Waterproofing layer  by the most suitable Electronic Leak Detection technology. Our teams scans the bare (exposed) waterproofing layers post its first application, by measuring a current flow and identifying the breaches with pin point accuracy ! End product is detailed REPORT with X-Y Co-ordinates, Picture Documentation & CAD Drawing depicting Breaches in the Waterproofing Layer.


Electric CENTRIC Vector Mapping helps the user to do the Quality Assurance and Troubleshooting of applied waterproofing membranes and coatings by following the principal of Vector Mapping. The testing procedure has been described as Electric Field Vector Mapping (EFVM) under ASTM D7877 :Standard Guide for Electronic Methods for Detecting and Locating Leaks in Waterproof Membranes.


PHONICS scan as the name suggest, helps the user to do the Quality Assurance and Troubleshooting of applied coatings, liners and membrane principally by use of  “AUDIBLE” alarm technology. It’s a low voltage, non-­‐destructive testing technology which takes minimum set up and helps user to identify breaches as small as pin-­‐hole with electric accuracy!

SmartMembrane™ is a sensor scrim that is laid directly on the top on any electrically isolating waterproofing layer and underneath any overburden assembly coming on the top of  the membrane. Including SmartMembrane™  in the built up assembly, allows the user to troubleshoot & identify leakages in the ‘concealed‘ waterproofing layer, without the need to remove the overburden !

Now that You have Assured the Quality of Waterproofing Layer, post its First Application – Invest in the Future !


Basically includes SmartMembrane & junction cables within the built-up assembly allowing ROOFTECH technician to plug-in his SmartNode and identify concealed Leakages by Zonal accuracy without the need to remove the overburden !


Does NOT need a Physical Presence of a technician to monitor the health of waterproofing layer. Instead, SmartNodes are installed in landscape area at pre-approved locations which basically collects the data constantly and uploads the same on ROOFTECH’s cloud Server. This allows monitoring of waterproofing layer in Real-time !


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ROOFTECH will be at GreenBuild INDIA 2018 (AceTech)_Mumbai
Explore our different Products and Solutions in action during the upcoming GreenBuild India 2018_International Conference and Expo schedule under AceTech Mumbai Flag.
When: 15-16-17-18 November 2018
Where: Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai, INDIA
ROOFTECH launches World’s first ‘SmartMembrane’ Product line
ROOFTECH introduces ‘SmartMembrane’ sensor sheet for first time in the World that can simply be laid on any waterproofing layer to make it ‘SMART’ enough to detect its breaches in Real-Time !
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ROOFTECH launches ‘LeakScan’ !
LeakScan is a revolutionary equipment that uses the principles of Electronic Leak Detection in the most intelligent way possible. Same equipment can be used detect breaches in ‘Horizontal’ as well as ‘Vertical’ surfaces.
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